Monday, June 25, 2012

An update on the Lori-love (RAK)

I am happy to report that more Random Acts of Kindness have been spread as we count down the days leading up to Lori's 40th birthday! We are over half way through our 10 day count down to June 28th and having a wonderful time focusing on doing good deeds for others and spreading Lori-style love.  Here is what has happened in the past 6 days.
Day 1: Delivered 4 loaves of fresh baked banana bread (made by Abby) to neighbors, who were happy and surprised, although one loaf ended up being gifted on the front step of an unsuspecting acquaintance.  Hopefully it was enjoyed as well!
Day 2:  A large donation of clothing and household goods was taken to Goodwill.  Inside 4 clothing items I stashed Random Acts of Kindness cards with $

Don't you just love when you find surprise $ in a pocket?   I hope others feel the same!
Day 3: Kippy was a helper for Day 3 acts of kindness.  We went to Target and got 4 gift cards and planned to hand them out to random shoppers.  The first shopper gladly accepted the "Act of Kindness" and was so very grateful.  Kippy then went off on her own to give two more cards away, but had a little trouble working up her courage to approach a stranger.  In one case, Kippy had a kind woman actually refuse the gift card telling Angelique, "You just keep it."  Not to be deterred, Kippy finally found additional willing recipients while I browsed through many books and cards waiting.  Both Kippy and I have the "stranger anxiety" gene, but we both felt so good after delivering the gifts that we wished we had $MM more we could give!

Day 4: Kindness this day was centered all on supporting a family whose son has a heart condition and requires open heart surgery in the near future.  So, Lori-style love was spread on silent auction items as well craft items and free-will donations.
 Day 5:  I handed out Flower Packets to 4 mom's who were helping with concessions and selling programs at a swim meet in Alexandria. I told them it was a "thank you" for all that they are doing for the swim program.

These women were so excited about the whole concept.  I feel confident that they will be paying it forward in some way in the future.

Day 6:  We started our Random Acts of Kindness by picking up trash on the River Walk in Fergus Falls.  Steve, Kippy and I ended up with 2 bags of trash and we are ever so grateful that Steve had the forethought to wear gloves! (Let's just say there was some seriously disgusting items I am so happy are now properly disposed of). 

Additionally, I was able to give out Lipton Green Tea in citrus flavor to 4 random people.

I am looking forward to the next 4 days because spreading kindness is rather addicting!!  Lori, are you feeling the love??  Hope so!


Lori said...

I am SO feeling it!! Thank you for being so generous and kind...always...not just this week. You and your entire family are amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Heather said...

We are having a good time as well. Got a little off track so tomorrow will be 12 RAKs in one day. I have them all planned out and ready to go though so it will be fun! I find myself being much more kind and helpful all around...not just when I am intentionally handing out/doing a planned RAK. You are the smartest sister LBR....thanks for turning 40!