Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update on 2011 Theme

At the beginning of the year, I had picked a theme of power. It has been a good guide for me as I navigate through 2011 and I have made progress toward feeling powerful and being more empowered. I have completed a few challenging goals which have been very rewarding as well as some smaller, less obvious improvements. Two of the most measurable steps in 2011 have been in the area of training.

First, back in March, I completed an extremely challenging course at UND called Impact U/Personal Safety and Defense. It was an intensive, hands on self defense class that allowed me to not only be more empowered, but to face some deep seeded fears and begin some necessary healing.

Second, I just received my certification to be a group fitness instructor. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a substitute instructor at Phatty Natties this fall, with the potential of leading classes by the winter. I am a little nervous to teach my first class, yet feeling so enthusiastic about bringing the benefits of fitness to people. I get to positively impact others, what could be more powerful than that?!
I want to sincerely thank my family and friends for their support and encouragement. I absolutely would not have the strength or confidence to pursue without them and the guidance and presence of our Savior, Jesus Christ, in my life.

I will continue to work on my power theme in 2011. Remember, life is a journey & an adventure... make the most of it!


the mom~ said...

EXCITING!!!!! I look forward to seeing what classes you offer!!! I am very excited for you Nae, great job on both major accomplishments!

Lori said...

I would love to take a class from you!! You have done such amazing things this year. You are more powerful than ever before. I admire your strength and power and look to you for inspiration in my own life. I love your determination and desire to make your life (and the lives of those around you) better. You are my hero. I love you.

Kathy said...

You r so amazing.....I am in tears with how u set your mind to something and make it happen. Congrats on your latest empowerment. Katrina thinks of u often and asks how u r doing. Love ya so much