Saturday, July 2, 2011

A little Jazz and Modern

It has actually been three weeks since the dance recital, however, I find it takes me that long just to recover from the crazy that happens when you have two dancers in the house. I know what you are thinking, two girls each just taking 1 dance class, how hard can it be? Maybe it is because I am the reluctant mother of girls who dance. I can't help thinking during the numerous staging rehearsals, dress rehearsals, pictures and performances "Volleyball, basketball or softball players would be SO MUCH EASIER."

Despite having a less than enthusiastic mom, the girls both really loved their year long dance season as well as their instructors.
Angelique absolutely loved modern dance. She has taken 2 years of ballet, but felt much more connected to the natural movements of modern dance. Her joy of performing did really work to melt my reluctance and show me that Kippy is meant to move.
Abby chose to be in Jazz dance again this year. She loves learning the routines and socializing with her classmates during the year that leads up to the recital. Abby really matured and advanced in the two years she has been dancing Jazz.
Another big change this year was that the girls performed their dance pieces twice. They had a performance on Wednesday night and repeated the performance on Friday night.
Doubling the performance made me feel less irritated by the expense of their costumes PLUS it worked out beautifully because Steve & I weren't able to attend both performances because of the Oakes All School Reunion, but still got to see them dance. Grandma Shirley helped out by coming Friday and staying the weekend with the girls. She was very proud of her granddaughters.
The three week break from "the crazy" allowed me to breath and really appreciate the poise and confidence that dance brings to both of my girls. I am sure when the dance season starts again this Fall, I'll be the reluctant dance-mom signing them up, writing big checks and carting them to the weekly practices for 9 months and grumbling about it...
but I hope I take some time to remember the joy it brings to both Abby & Angelique to perform. Congratulations to my dancing girls, who persevere despite their less-than-supportive mom!


Lori said...

I love that you sacrifice a little of your comfort so your girls can have such a great opportunity. It builds self-esteem and helps them become more confident and strong every year. They are such beautiful girls....and now they are beautiful dancers as well.

the mom~ said...

Both girls did such a great job! Well done ladies...and mom :)

Kathy said...

I SO know what you are talking about. The performance costs and practice times were a killer but I have to say I miss seeing Darian dance. She loved hip hop and I would do it all over again if she wanted to go back. Good for you for toughing it out.