Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A special Mother's day

My little chicks were so creative with their gifts to me for Mother's day. I am one lucky mom! There are no pics of me with my little chick-lets for Mother's day because we ended up not being picture worthy. Let me explain.... we did look fantastic all dressed up for church, but by the time church was over it was raining very hard, so we scrapped doing a photo shoot. My only request for Mother's day was to have the family help me outside cleaning out the flower beds and putting down mulch. Despite the pouring rain, I was still determined to do some yard work (yes, I have a hard time changing my plans) and the family headed to Fleetfarm with our jackets, rain boots and hats to get the mulch. By the time we got back to the house, we were soaked to the bone, cold and it was still raining hard. I finally relented and said we would have to move on to plan B. Except I didn't really have a plan B.

So, after eating leftovers for lunch, I did some reading and took LONG 2 hour nap which was a perfect plan B. And by 3:00 PM, guess what? The rain had stopped and we were able to spend 3 hours working together outside. I was so happy to have help clearing the dead foliage and discover all of the perennials that were making their appearance. We got most of the mulch put down and I was able to move some perennials that had gotten out of control.

Best of all, my daffodils were putting on a beautiful show for us!

Hurray for flowers!

For supper, Steve grilled some juicy pork loin w/ asparagus. The girls then gave me their amazing creations, but after being out in the rain and working in the yard, I called no pictures because I looked like a rag-a-muffin!

Kippy framed a poem she wrote and illustrated called "I Am." I love that it tells the story about who Angelique is at this moment in time.

She also painted this dry brush flower basket that is just so beautiful.
My Abby Rose wrote this poem that just touched my heart and made me forget all about the teenage attitude we have been experiencing intermittently.

Abby also designed a coupon book filled with 24 Abby Bucks. She said I can use them to ask her to do any type of chore and she would do it without complaint. WOW - these are magic coupons!

And just tonight, I turned in my first coupon to have Abby vacuum out my car. And true to her word, no complaints.

Loved my Mother's day and I love my girls beyond words. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Lori said...

I've decided that those are my favorite kind of gifts. Your girls are so lucky to have you for their Mama.

Kathy said...

Sounds like Plan B worked out pretty good :)