Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday girl in the house!

In honor of Abby's 14th birthday, here are 14 fun facts about our beautiful birthday girl, Abby Rose!

1) Abby takes super long showers (just like her dad) and sings beautifully while showering.
2) Abby is a big fan of bright colors and would probably pick "rainbow" as her favorite color.
3) Abby loves all kinds of music (except Country - good girl) & plays the saxophone in band & also the piano.
4) Abby has had a cell phone for 5 months and is already a text-aholic, although she doesn't want to admit it, which probably means she won't be recovering any time soon.
5) Abby has no fear of public speaking and loved being the emcee for the talent show in November, participating in speech competitions & being a narrator in the Aladdin Musical this spring.
6) Kids love having Abby as their babysitter. She is patient and easily wins kids over while entertaining them.
7) Abby has the ability to sleep past noon on any available day that she can. Summer should be tons of fun for her!
8) Abby is very slow at getting ready in the morning, but super speedy on the track in the 100 dash.
9) Abby is an awkward speller (gets that from her mom) but a very accomplished writer.
10) Abby is officially the 2nd tallest person in our family since she is now an inch taller than her mom. She also has the same size feet as her mom which means she is always borrowing my shoes!
11) Abby is my fashion consultant and definitely the person to take shopping because she has lots of great advise.
12) Abby is looking forward to summer because she gets to go to Seattle, WA with the FF Marching Band and to the Steubenville High School Youth retreat with the Edge team from OLV.
13) Abby is soon to officially be a Freshman in High School, with just 2 1/2 short weeks of 8th grade to finish up.
14) Abby is a beautiful, fun-lovin', generous, friend, sister, cousin, grand-daughter, niece & daughter. She is a blessing to us all.

We LOVE you, Abby! Have a very hApPy BIrtDaY!


Kathy said...

And she has an amazing Mother. Wow...what a wonderful way to recognize the birthday girl.

I hope Abby has a great birthday. Not sure when we will call to sing. Probably will leave a message on the machine.

I've been thinking of you all day. Aloha!

Heather said...

I LOVE this birthday tribute. An amazing girl with a fabulous Mama for sure! I love the balloon and candy surprise too! Happy Birthday Abby!

Lori said...

I love your girl Abby. Her style sense is so fun and her personality is too. I could hang with this girl!! She reminds me a lot of her Mama!!!!