Monday, May 2, 2011

A pleasing piano performance

On Friday day night (April 29th) the girls participated in their Spring Recital. It was the 7th recital for Abby and the 3rd for Angelique. And the end of their second year being instructed by Betty Bermel. True to their natures, Abby was relaxed about it and Kippy was nervous and stressed. {I'll let you decide which daughter takes after her dad and which one takes after me.}
In the audience were a few special guests. Grandma Rose & Grandpa Rod were able to come for the event, which I believe is the first recital they have been able to attend where both granddaughters played.
Angelique played two pieces. The first one was Overture by Rossini and the second piece was a memorized piece called Scat Boogie by Bastien. She did a great job. After the performance she confided to us that she had made a mistake in Scat Boogie and said, "I should have done ba-da-ba, but instead I played ba-dom. Never mind, I'll just show you when I get home."

Abby tackled two difficult pieces and played them both with a lot of emotion and dynamics. Tarantella by Beaumont was light and playful, while Fur Elise was both familiar and dramatic.
So proud of both of them and as you can see, so are the grandparents!
Such a fun night listening to all the students perform, enjoying the fruits of all their practice time!
Another special guest was in the audience... Ms Lori Reader, who had driven all the way from Omaha, NE for the performance... well, actually, for the Prom which her daughter was attending... but she got in on listening to the 2 Lindgren girls and 4 Hubert girls play their hearts out. Free entertainment, how great is that?
Since we had neglected to take any pics of the three of us when we were last together in February, I made Abby take pics of us on Friday night. Unfortunately, Abby wasn't happy with how squinty my eyes were and kept saying, "Open up your eyes!" So, we all three gave Abby our best open-eyes. Rather freaking, huh? But I love my PEEPS!


Lori said...

I was so happy the timing worked out for me to attend the recital. I love being able to witness their personal triumphs. Your girls are awesome....just like their Mama. (I do love the pics of us!!)

Kathy said...

LOVE your hair in these pictures. Looks like the girls did well. Check that off the list for another thing accomplished for the year!