Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She makes a difference!

Angelique has had a wonderful teacher this past year for 4th grade who has made a difference in her life. Angelique always loved to read, but her teacher this past year has turned a love of reading into a passion for reading. Her teacher is generous with her time as well as having a spectacular ability to ignite the desire to learn in her students.  Kippy ended her 4th grade year with an award for the 2nd highest number of AR reading points for the entire school.  So glad OLV has Mrs. Pawlowski on our staff!  I also love that she let us know about this particular act of kindness that Angelique extended to her on National Teacher's Day otherwise, we wouldn't have known about it at all.  It truly shows how special Mrs. Pawlowski is to Angelique.

E-MAIL from Mrs. Pawlowski on May 3rd:
Hi Renae! I just wanted to let you and Steve know how much I appreciated the thoughtful and creative card Angelique gave me today on National Teacher's Day. (I wasn't even aware of this. Ha!) Your daughter is amazing in so many ways and has been such a pleasure to teach. I wish I could a find a way to keep her in fourth grade, but she is far too talented! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to teach both of your wonderful daughters!

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