Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween both past & present

Our first Halloween with all 4 of us in 2000 when Kippy was 1 month old and Abby was 3 years old. We were dressed up for a family Halloween party at our neighbor's house {The Deboers} when we lived in Marshall, MN. Renae {cat}, Abby {Barbie Princess}, Angelique {clown}, Steve {army guy}.
Here we are in 2001 at another family Halloween party hosted by the Deboer's. This is the year that I remember several things going wrong. First, I ordered Abby a cute Snow White costume and it turned out she HATED it, but I made her wear it anyway because I got it through Ebay. Second, I used black hairspray on my hair and Abby's hair and it was an AWFUL mess to clean up... never again!
I just love this pic of 13 month Kippy as a puppy, crying her eyes out while sucking on her nukkie. We never could get her to keep the little puppy hat on with that custom, which was originally worn by Abby in 1998.
I have recycled my witch costume many times since 2001. I like to stay home and handout treats, while Steve chauffeurs the kids around. I made a slight upgrade by adding green & purple tights in 2010.
I am all about reusing costumes, although my daughters don't always agree with me. This year I challenged them to put together a costume using what we already have and if they did felt like they needed something additional to complete their look, their budget was $10 max.
Abby did really well with putting together her Miss Frankenstein look. She recycled a witch costume into a tunic, used a belt and shoes from her existing accessory stash, along with some make-up and an $8 wig from Wal-Mart to complete the ensemble.
Kippy went as a devil child and lived up to the title by going slightly over her budget. Together we picked out red & black make-up along with devil-horn headband, red tail and pitchfork all for $10. However, she Jedi-mind tricked her dad and talked him into getting her a BIGGER $4 pitchfork. Apparently, it is my fault because I failed to explain the budget constraints to Steve.
The girls and I had fun helping each other with our Halloween makeup and costumes. I only handed candy out to 15-20 kids, so had horrendous amounts of left-over candy, which was promptly sent to Steve to take to work the next day.
Although I am not a huge fan of pumpkin carving, we have traditionally helped the kids with a creation every year. I do love roasting the seeds, so I guess I get something valuable out of the experience as well. We made Abby carve her own pumpkin this year, which she wasn't too happy about since we ALWAYS have craved it for them both in the past.
Steve helped Angelique with her mini-monster pumpkin, although Kippy did trace the entire template and completed some of the easier carving.
After Abby got over her huffiness, she did a mummy version wrapped up with gauzy bandages, which looked cool, but doesn't show up in the candle-lit version. Kippy's version had a mini-monster.

And now a blast from Halloween past... 38 years ago to be exact....
Who are these fashionable Halloween treaters? Its my little brother, Russ {age 2} as a blue-masked-kid, I am a Raggedy Ann {age 4}, and older brother Randy {age 7} is a clown.And apparently, we were all pretty happy with ourselves! Happy Halloween!


Heather said...

I LOVE your Halloween's then and now! Perfect Post Nae...I love it!

the mom~ said...

what the have you not aged since your kids were born!? NOT FAIR! :)
Great Halloweens!

Lori said...

You look amazing!! The pic of you as a kid reminds me of Rose. Sweet!