Thursday, November 18, 2010

The birthday boots

I got these awesome boots while shopping with two of my besties at Kohl's in Sioux Falls on my birthday (Oct 15th)... with birthday money from my MIL... so they are officially my "birthday boots". Little did I know what adventures I would end up having with my birthday boots just one week later on October 21. Here is how that went down (literally).
I chose to wear my new birthday boots for the first time on our way to Greeley, CO on Thursday, October 21st. We actually departed from Sioux Falls by 6:00 AM, where we had spent the night with one of my oldest friends from college and her three kids. Needless to say, by the time we reached Greeley 10 hours later, we all had a serious case of seat-butt. As soon as we pulled into the Bytnar's driveway at 3:00 PM, Kippy, Abby & I hopped into Kathy's vehicle to go pick up Darian from school as a surprise. By then, my boots had been in 3 states in one day... SD, NE & CO, yet I hadn't even walked more than one block in total in them. The surprise pick-up of Darian was a success and we went back to the Bytnar household.

Kathy asked if I wanted to go for a walk before supper and of course, I was all up for that... 1. I would get some visiting time in with MYKathy. 2. The prospect of moving after sitting for so long sounded blissful.

I told Kathy I would quick go change into my tennie-shoes. I grabbed some bags and headed downstairs to the guest bedroom, but not before Kathy said, "Let me help you with those bags." I refused because I felt I had it under control and both hands were equally balanced, so no help needed, right? I quickly headed down the steps and made it to the first landing, turned and started down the remaining steps. Since my hands were full of bags, I wasn't using the railing and I was still wearing my birthday boots. This is where things get a little fuzzy. I believe I was about 3 or 4 steps from the bottom and the heel of my left boot caught on the carpet. It just caused a slight tug, but it was enough to throw my balance off and with the downward momentum I basically launched off the stairs. I landed with a jarring splat onto the cork flooring at the base of the steps. Kathy heard the sound and at first thought I had dropped one of my bags. I heard her call out, "Renae, are you ok?" but my breath was knocked out of me and I couldn't answer. In fact, I didn't feel like I could even move at all. I was face down and my left cheek and jaw were on fire. My first thought was my teeth. I moved my tongue around and thankfully didn't feel any fragments. My second thought was my cheek bone. While still laying face down, I brought my right hand to feel my left cheek. It felt ok, but my hand was full of blood and I didn't have any idea where it was coming from. Kathy was now beside me and Abby was right behind her. Kathy told Abby to go get Steve, who was out on the patio with Reno. I was responding as best as I could to Kathy's questions. She moved the bags out of the way. I could feel a warm pool of blood under the left side of my face, which began to make me very dizzy with tunnel vision. Steve quickly came to help out and when he had me lift my head he said, "We need to get her to the ER." I still wasn't sure what was bleeding and I felt so very light headed. I saw Abby's face and her eyes were big with fear. I told her I was fine and it didn't hurt. Steve said it was my chin that was bleeding. Steve & Kathy worked quickly to clean me up enough to sit up without letting me see too much of the red stuff.

The game plan was hatched. Kathy would be the one to take me to Urgent care since she knew the way. I told Steve to stay with the kids because one helper was enough. Steve kindly took this picture just before we departed to the ER.
Together, we waited at Urgent Care. We messed around taking pictures and basically tried to keep me distracted. Things were going pretty smooth, until the nurse asked to see the wound. I moved the washcloth/icepack combo for her to look at it. She checked it out and then very seriously told me, "I have to tell you not to drink anything because you have a hole and it will go right through." I turned and looked at Kathy, with my eyes wide in fear. Then the nurse patted my leg and said she was just kidding. NOT the best joke I have ever heard.

Once I filled out the appropriate paperwork and waited until it was my turn, I was directed to an exam room. Kathy was busy texting between Reno and Steve (Rupe) on the progress. The guys and kids were taking bets on how many stitches I would get. Truly I had a lot of laughs during this process. I think the nurse and Dr. both wanted to come hang out with us.

Can't believe that I was only in the Bytnar's house for 5 minutes after a nearly 900 mile trip and did this to myself. One thing for certain is that I was very glad it was me and not anyone else. I am sure my heart would have stopped beating if I would have come upon someone laying at the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood. Just saying.
The Dr. was really very nice. When she found out there were bets on the number of stitches, she asked us not to tell her the number so that she wouldn't be biased. I will have to admit my chin didn't hurt at all until the Novocaine shots were administered. Then I became very, very aware of my chin. IT BURNED LIKE FIRE! This was my first injury requiring stitches. I have had stitches for 4 different moles I have had removed, but I don't remember the Novocaine burning in the same way. Of course, I had stitches post-childbirth, but my memory of that is really fuzzy too. My first thought was about Kippy. She was 5 when she had cut the back of her head and gotten 2 stitches. I felt bad that I wasn't sympathetic enough when she had the Novocaine shots. {Sorry, Kippy!}

The total number of stitches was 7. Steve had guessed 5, so he was the closest in the betting pool. I told the Dr. it would be really fun if she would just throw her hands up in the air after tying the last knot, like at the rodeo when cowboys finish tying the calf's legs. Yup - I think random things during traumatizing events.

Kathy & I never did get to go on a walk. I do want to credit Kathy for staying calm thus keeping me calm. I came close, but never fainted, so that is an improvement for me. Poor Kathy, this is the second time we have gotten together this year and the second time she has had to deal with my blood aversion this year as well.

Everything in my body hurt much worse the next morning. Bruises showed up on my elbows, right rib cage and on my left hand. There must have been all kinds of flailing going on when I fell. I kind of wish I could see what happened on a hidden camera or something. The best I can piece together for a lesson learned is DO NOT WEAR YOUR BOOTS IN SOMEONE'S HOUSE. I really don't know why I hadn't taken those boots off right when I came in the door. I think it was because I was thinking that they were new and not dirty and I was in a hurry to change my shoes and so excited to be there after the drive, basically I wasn't even thinking straight.

2 days post injury... swelling had gone down more. The big joke was that I looked like the lunch lady with my 14 black whiskers sticking out of my chin because all you could see is the stitches from under my chin.
5 days post injury and right after having the stitches removed by my girl HH.

Who would have thought these birthday boots would be the cause of so much chaos? I am sure my scar will last much longer than the fabled boots.

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Lori said...

I hate it when footwear turns against the wearer. You have one great scar!!