Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Colorado Trip Highlights {Part 2}

After ziplining & CornMaze-hiking, our event planner {a.k.a. Kathy} still had more in store for us and surprises for the kids. Friday evening was an official FNO {Family Night Out}. Once Drake & Darian got home from school, we were told to "fancy-it-up".
Which of course, requires pictures before departing for phase 1...
{Drake is 14 & a Freshman, Darian is 11 and a 6th grader}
The four Lindgrens

{celebrating a wonderful 19 year friendship}

{Darian & I were surprised as how similar our "fancy" outfits were, including black bedazzled tops and black boots.}

of the evening...supper at the Rio Grande in downtown Greeley. The authentic Mexican fare and wonderful old-world atmosphere were fantastic. The time flew by as we shared our adventures as well as listened to what happened during the day for Drake, Darian and Steve, who weren't able to join us. In the Bytnar tradition, we circled the table and had each person individually tell his/her "High, Low, Learn & how-you-Helped-someone" for the day, which always brings up something unique.

From supper we departed for phase 2 of the FNO and walked over to the Union Colony Theater. My heart seriously swells with happiness watching these 4 kids enjoy one another's company, although night-time photography using a little point-n-shoot, leaves a lot to be desired.
Presenting... The Comedy Pet Theater starring Popovich! The show was a surprise for Abby & Angelique. It was a HUGE hit & so darn entertaining. The theater balcony seats were fabulous. Cats, dogs, geese, parrots and even some rats performed tricks as well as some amazing juggling sequences by Popovich himself.
The finale of the evening was the adults-only hot tub time back at Casa de Bytnar. Can't think of a better way to cap off such a great FNO than relaxing with friends at the end of a fun filled day.


Kathy said...

It feels like forever ago when you were here.....I love your stories! Such great pictures of the kids from the Rio. You will be seeing the top picture again as part of our Christmas card that arrived in the mail TODAY! I just love the picture of the two of us.

This email could very well be my HIGH for today.

Lori said...

What a fabulous trip. Your girls are getting SO tall!!

Charlene said...

awesome vacation!! Looks like a lot of fun!!

Heather said...

What an awesome day!

the mom~ said...

What a fun FNO-my boys would have loved to see that animal show!