Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea & Tee Time

What do you get when you combine some fabulous heels...

with dress-up clothes
and some fine china?

It is tea time for three!

Friday morning, Angelique said, "I want to have a tea party." I told her it sounded like a great idea and added, "Let's do it up fancy!" Both girls were excited by the prospect which quickly morphed into a lunchtime ice-tea party complete with flowers, cloth napkins, china and formal gowns.
Abby made some cute little sandwiches cut out with heart cookie-cutters and accessorized with an olive, cherry tomato and basil leaf.
We had some watermelon already cut up in the fridge, so that was an easy add to our party feast.
Angelique and I whipped up some tasty little bars for dessert from fresh limes.

What a feast!
The girls raided the dress-up box and came up with some fashionable ensembles. It was so much fun sipping ice tea from the beautiful tea cups I had gotten from Grandma Ruth and eating lunch with my beautiful ladies.
Abby especially liked wearing my high-heels, which she insisted fit perfectly!
It is one tea party I won't soon forget!

Steve was not to be left out of the fun. He booked a tee time in the afternoon for us in Alexandria for 18 holes of miniature golf. No dress up clothes or high-heels for this event... it was flip-flops and shorts.
Steve didn't have any problem with the waterfall hazard.
Kippy scored her first hole-in-one on #16.
Abby sunk a hole-in-one on both #16 & on #18. She is ready to go Pro.

Not to be completely out done, Steve & I also finished off the last hole with a hole-in-one.

I have to say the front nine were a little rocky with some frustration from the youngest golfer especially on the first 3 holes, but by the back-nine, everyone was doing great. Steve, of course, was the Put-Put champion as he only bogey-ed 3 holes.

We spent the rest of the afternoon poking around a few shops in downtown Alex and enjoying a wonderful supper at Bella's on Broadway. Truly a fabulous Friday. The only drawback was that we left our pooch home alone for too long. Bella decided she had to comfort herself by chewing holes in one of the couch pillows.
Bad dog, Bella!


Kathy said...

Wow...you did it up good! What a wonderful day you had together. You are certainly making the most of your Friday's. Our tea party was not near as fancy but Darian was so excited to use Great Grandma's crystal dishes. I'm not sure her friend realized how big of a deal that was but Darian sure did. Darian wants a pair of heels so bad! I keep telling her no not yet....

Sherri said...

Way way cool! Personally, I would have liked to see Steve in a dress-up outfit on the mini-golf course. The fancy quotient would have been huge!

Heather said...

I do love that you are taking full advantage of your Fridays! I love that you live life to the fullest and do a GREAT job of documenting the things that you love! If I show Kamiryn your tea party pictures she will want to move in! You three are just so beautiful...what fabulous memories you are making together!

Nae said...

@Kathy, Darian sure is in a rush to grow up. I agree... not yet! Kippy liked clomping around in my shoes so much, but I thought she would break her neck the way she wobbled around on them! Abby was much more dignified, of course.