Friday, July 2, 2010

Best in Show?

It wasn't exactly the Eukanuba National Dog Show, but in Kippy's eyes it was just as prestigious. Fergus Falls hosts a dog show as one of the Summer Fest activities in June. Kippy was so very excited to enter Bella in the competition. She was up early to brush Bella's tail and even her teeth, primping her for the show. In addition, Kippy dressed up and fixed her own hair, which is shocking if you know what a tomboy she is.

Bella was entered as one of 30 dogs in the small breed category. We initially worried that Bella would be nervous and bark at all the different dogs, but she surprised all of us by being calm even around the scary large breed dogs.

Kippy was the over-excited one as she entered the ring before number 37 was called and actually "showed" Bella prematurely. When I asked Kippy why she entered the ring early, she said, "I was afraid they forgot me."

Maybe it was because of the extra time in the ring, but Bella was called back as the top 14 out of the original 30 small breed dogs. Kippy was literally beaming with pride even tho' Bella occasionally put on her air-breaks and resisted walking on the leash. Bella didn't place in the top 10, so she wasn't a Best in Show dog, but in Kippy's eyes there is no better dog.

There was a "costume" category in the Dog Show as well. This English bull dog got first place as a pirate. Next year, Kippy wants to enter Bella as a rock star or maybe a ballerina. Who knows? They just might win!


Kathy said...

How fun! I love the first picture...those eyes!

Lori said...

Kippy is the rock star!! The faith she has in her sweet puppy is amazing. I say "Go for it, Kipster!!" Have fun and drag your little dog with ya!!

the mom~ said...