Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating Independence Day ND-Style

Russ & Kristy moved into their new house just two weeks ago in Thompson, ND, yet they were willing to host the Sell-Crew to celebrate 4th of July together over a nice long 3 day weekend. The crew included Randy, Anna, Kaleb & Logan (Mak had other obligations), Steve, Abby, Kippy & me.
And talk about some extra hot muggy weather on Saturday. Whew - 97 degrees! The kids all got super-soaker squirt guns and used them to cool each other off and also got some good shots in on the three men who were replacing a couple of the back deck boards.

We got in lots of teasing, laughter, game playing, great food & a wee bit of sleep deprivation over the weekend. We even watched the UFC heavyweight championship and cheered on Brock Lesnar late on Saturday night.
Come Sunday, we were outfitted in our red, white & blue and initially planned to go into Grandforks for Fireworks that night. Thankfully, a new plan emerged by mid-afternoon and we instead stocked up for our own display.

Randy & Russ worked with the kids to help them with lighting the fireworks. It was fantastic! So many of Russ & Kristy's neighbors were launching displays that the sky was filled with an amazing light show. We couldn't have asked for anything better, especially since we didn't have to deal with any traffic. Many thanks to our hosts for their wonderful hospitality. You guys are the best, Russ & Kristy!


Lori said...

So much fun!! I love your photos!!

the mom~ said...

Looks fabulous!!!

Kathy said...

Amazing pictures and your outfits are awesome. We didn't even wear red/white and blue this year. Darian was pretty disappointed in our plans.....off year for us.