Monday, July 26, 2010

Rides & Ribbons

Fergus Falls held the annual East Ottertail County Fair last week and we did our best to contribute to the financial security of the event.
Wrist bands on Wednesday night, allowed the girls to ride as many rides as they wanted between 5:00 - 11:00 PM. Of course, we didn't stay until 11, but even by 10, they had gotten to ride all rides at least 4-5 times. I would definitely advise going on the first night to avoid the crowds.
I was tempted to buy a ticket for myself just so I could go on the Supershot. It looked like a blast to me, since I love the falling feeling.
Way up high and then a quick drop, what more could you ask for, except to go on it again, and again, and again!
I love the reflection of the "Spider" in Steve's sunglasses. Abby said her tummy felt yucky after this ride, but she was a great big sister and accompanied Kippy anyway.
Here they are getting ready for Moby Dick to start.
Even when Abby's BFF joined her at the fair, they both still chaperoned Kippy on all the rides.
The Scrambler was one of their favorites.
I think they secretly liked the Carnie worker who would stand just at the edge of the ride so that it looked like the car was going to hit him. Nothing like a little fear factor to up the excitement of the ride. Steve & I got to check out all of the exhibits and critters, while the kids filled themselves up with junk food and tried not to get sick on the rides.

This year, our whole family did entries in the Open Class exhibits and earned some ribbons.
Steve entered one of his knifes in the metal work category, complete with custom leather sheath.

Abby entered two drawings... one in pencil and one in colored pencil.

Kippy had three art entries... a poster, a water color and a drawing.
I mostly entered photos...
but had one sewing project, one crochet and one jewelry entry to mix it up again. All totaled, the Lindgren's earned $36 in premiums. Rest assured, we spent much more for admission, delicious junk food and rides, but still we all felt a certain sense of accomplishment.


Kathy said...

I think one thing I admire about you the most is you experience life. I love reading your messages to see what you have experienced each week and how I get to live it through you. You truly are an amazing person and I'm so blessed to call you my friend.

I love your picture of the "trump" glass. I think you should send that to them...maybe they would give you a free night or something!

the mom~ said...

You guys are so talented, way to go! We had a blast at the fair as well, good times!

Charlene said...

I miss the fair!! I hope that we find something like that out here! You guys have amazing talent to share with everyone! I love that you guys do so much together as a family!! you are a great example of families sticking and doing things together!! I hope I can experience that with my own family!

Heather said...

I love Kathy's idea of sending the Trump photo to the hotel. It would be awesome to have it hanging up in Vegas for everyone to see. I LOVE that my apron that you made won a blue. You are so amazingly talented and I love that your whole family is cultivating and sharing the talents that God gave you. Way to guys did great!