Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter fun at Buena Vista

We left early Saturday morning ("early" being relative because 7:45 AM is challenging for at lease 2 members of our family) to head to Buena Vista to meet the Mathern's for a day of skiing. We were right on time despite confusing directions from "Amy" (Steve's GPS) who tried to tell us to drive 6 miles out on frozen Lake Bemidji. We finally had to put her in time-out.
The weather was INCREDIBLE with absolutely no wind, clear sunny skies and temperatures up to 35 degrees.
The snow conditions were great and never got slushy at all. The ski area was smaller, but had 5 lifts and lots of nice runs. The chalet wasn't too crowded even though there were a lot of people there.
Lance had called us the week before and invited us to come up skiing with them and we are so grateful that it worked out. We got a great promotional discount, which allowed our family of 4 to get lift tickets and rentals for just under $100. Hoot-hoot!!
This picture was taken early in the day, because by mid-afternoon, we were hats free and I was actually sweating! On one lift ride I had with Kippy and another unknown skier, I noticed she wasn't even wearing her mittens! I asked where her mittens were and she said they were in her pocket because her hands were too hot. I said, "I would never go without my mittens!" and she glibly replied, "Well, mom, that is because you are cold-blooded." The man next to her busted out laughing.
It is true, I normally spend a lot of time warming up in the chalet. Not this time! I only went into the chalet because my legs were getting so darn tired and I needed to rehydrate.

Brac went to ski school for about an hour and did so great after that. Lance & Denise took turns guiding him down the slopes with his harness and reins.

Speaking of harness and reins... Denise and the three kids all got to go for a sleigh ride before we left.
They had about a 15 minute ride and Kippy was sharing all kinds of information that the owner/driver was sharing with them.
It was nearly dark when we got back to the Hampton Inn, on Lake Bemidji, but the kids quickly got into their swimming suits and headed to the pool.

The hot-tub was actually half inside the building and half outside the building. It was so refreshing to breath in the steamy air outside while experiencing the super hot water.

Brac was on-the-go at the water park. Abby watched the kids, while the adults had a wonderful meal at the attached Green Mill restaurant.
Lake Bemidji Pond Hockey Classic was also being held this weekend. We could see the 6 hockey rinks from the hotel window. As it turned out, the Hockey Classic was the reason for another great surprise... We were eating supper when a huge fireworks display started over the lake. We had a great view out out our booth window while the kids were still at the water park. When we picked the kids up, I asked Kippy if she got to see the fireworks and she said, "Mom, I had a front-row seat 'cause I was in the hot-tub outside!"

And this morning, after a huge breakfast, we spent another 2 hours in the water park and boy were Steve & I grateful to soak our sore muscles.


Heather said...

Sounds like a perfectly fabulous time!

the mom~ said...

FUN day!

Lori said...

A perfect weekend. WTG!!