Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our neurotic pet

Once in a while we have the dilemma of what to do with our beloved Bella when we go somewhere for the weekend. Luckily, we have usually been able to find accommodations that have been acceptable for her. Bella is a nervous little doggie. She fears change. Really and seriously fears it, as in shaking-quivering-type fear. So, when we made plans to go skiing this past weekend with Mathern's, we made arrangements for Miss Bella to stay at Rainbow Kennels. She did her usual shivering and shaking initially, but before we left she had cuddled up to the owner and seemed in good hands.
We picked her up 32 hours later and she was so happy to see us. They told us that she hadn't eaten any of her food, which didn't surprise us because she won't eat when she is stressed. We then discovered that she had chewed up a good portion of her doggie bed instead.
Here is the thing about Miss Bella.... when she gets lonely, she chews. We have had pillows, blankets, and comforters chewed up by Bella in the past when she has been left alone too long. I can sort of understand this because when I am lonely, I sometimes eat to comfort myself.... food that is, not my bedding.

We love our neurotic Bella, but it sure would be nice if she would chew up her bone when she is nervous instead! Kippy wants us to get her a new bed because it looks so raggedy. I am not so sure 'cause the next time we leave her at the kennel, I have a feeling her bed will take the brunt of her anxieties.


Lori said...

Save that doggie bed for the next time she has to go to the kennel...but a new one for home would be snazzy!! Good thing we love those hounds. They can be a gianormous pain!!

the mom~ said...

Maybe she's related to Noah, LOL ;)

Nae said...

Lori, you and Kippy could be BFF's 'cause that is exactly what she wants to do... a "cute" bed for home and the "raggedy" bed for kennel time!

Salena - LOL! Bella is way too mellow to be related to Noah. ha!