Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nothin' but Mizuno

Not so long ago, I wasn't all that picky about what running shoe I used. I just tried on a few pairs to find something that fit my narrow heel well and didn't slip and went with it. Over the years, I have used ASICS, Sauscony, Adidas, & Nike. Gradually I have educated myself more. I have done research and I have had my stride evaluated. I learned that I have underpronation, which means my feet roll outward at the ankle. A great resource for evaluating your running shoe needs is through Shoe Dog. You answer a series of questions and get a list of shoes that are best for you. Having the right shoe reduces the risk of injury and I am all for that!

That is how I found out that Mizuno Wave Rider is the shoe for me. Once I tried them on, I knew it was a perfect match. My heel was snugged in and the toe box was wide and comfortable. They felt like air on my feet. It was TRUE LOVE, I tell you!
I replace my shoes every 400 miles or so. This is about the time that the support is wearing down and I can feel my knees and ankles protesting a bit. I just got my 4th pair of Mizuno Wave Rider's in the mail last week. LOVE the new color, which I think will hide dirt better than white.

I love my Mizuno's so much, that I can't seem to throw them away. I have become a Mizuno hoarder!
They are a work-of-art, I tell you!
Yup, I have some issues.
I have gone from Wave Rider 9 up to Wave Rider 13. Each year the model just gets better and better. The latest has a lining in the interior which is as soft as butter and makes my heart go pitter-patter. Yup, I definitely am in love with these shoes!


the mom~ said...

that's the SAME pair I just got last weekend! I LOVE them!!! I tried on a variety of shoes and these were by far the best I tried on! No heel slipping, very light and wide enough at the top.

Lori said...

I just love shoes in general...and to find a pair that is functional as well as fabulous makes me even more happy!! I will have to try these when I am in need of a need pair.

Charlene said...

I will have to look into these shoes! I have a pair of Saucony that I love and have been pleased with, but I'm always looking out for running shoes!

Heather said...

A shoe stylist!!! That is your next career! I love your photos and your enthusiasm for these shoes!

Kathy said...

Great tips! Thanks much and yes you have issues.