Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I caught these pictures of my dad snuggling with Abby and Nixin this weekend, it made my heart do a flip-flop. There is something so special about time with your grandparent. My dad's lap is rarely empty when the grand kids are around and they all love it.
I certainly remember being snuggled in my Grandpa Rudy's lap when I was a kid. In fact, I think I got to snuggle with Grandpa Rudy well into my adulthood and that puts a smile to my face.
I get a little squeeze-y feeling in my throat when I see my mom or dad showering attention on one of my children. I'm just so grateful and I hope they know how lucky they are.


Lori said...

They probably don't yet realize how lucky they are....but they will. Your parents are so special. I love they way they show their love for their family. Your girls are very lucky indeed.

the mom~ said...

I agree with Lori, they might not know it now but they are certainly lucky girls!!! I miss my grandparents more everyday and it saddens my heart that they aren't here :(

Charlene said...

your girls are so fortunate to have grandparents so close to them! mine died when I was a young child so I value the time my kids have with their grandparents!