Monday, April 20, 2009

Much accomplished!

It was a busy weekend and I am so thrilled at how much got accomplished! It was a great balance between fun and work.
  • The girls helped me rake the yard, bag up leaves and clear all the flower beds
  • Steve cleaned out the garage and pressure washed the porch, deck and garage floor
  • Attended the Razzle-Dazzle musical at the Center for the Arts where several of our friends and their children performed - it was fabulous!
  • Painted the kids picnic table
  • Printed lots of pics at Wal-Mart... lots of waiting, but love the prints
  • Got Abby packed up for a birthday party sleepover on Saturday
  • Steve set up the trampoline and boy did it get a work out from Kippy and the neighbors' kids
  • Admired every single tulip, leaf bud and perennial that was peeping its head out and declaring "it is Spring"
  • Steve watched Ultimate Fighting with friends on PayPerView
  • Completed an 11 mile run averaging 9:27 minute miles
  • Restocked our pantry - Kippy was a great help
  • Enjoyed a twist ice cream cone
The best part of the weekend was the forecast said it would rain and IT.DIDN'T!!! We wouldn't have gotten half of this list accomplished if it had rained. SO.HAPPY.NO.RAIN!! {picture me doing the happy dance}


Lori said...

You DID have a fabulous weekend! Good for you. You all got a lot done. I love that feeling of accomplishment. YAY SPRING!!!

the mom~ said...

Wow, that list made me tired! Glad you got alot accomplished! I bet that feels good!

Charlene said...

Wow!! you are going to rock in that half marathon like you did this weekend!