Sunday, April 5, 2009

The adventures of flat Logan

There once was a boy named Logan who was in the First grade at Oakes Elementary School. He had a class project where he made a flat picture of himself and mailed it in an envelope. Logan is my brother Randy's youngest son, who is 7 years old. We were the lucky recipients of "Flat Logan" and these are the adventures we took him on.
First we took flat Logan to the Fish Fry Friday night, April 3rd at Our Lady of Victory. Abby and Angelique took pictures with flat Logan in front of their classroom doors and also by their school banner. The walleye was delicious, but flat Logan didn't eat any of it.

Angelique is 8 years old and in the 2nd grade.
Abby is 11 years old and in the 6th grade.
Saturday morning, Abby and Angelique took flat Logan for a walk to the Veteran's Home, which is only a 1/2 block from our house. They had to wear boots because of the recent snow, but didn't wear mittens because it was 30 degrees.
After lunch on Saturday, we loaded into the car and decided to take flat Logan to a few locations in Fergus Falls. The first place we picked was at the memorial of the Cyclone of Fergus Falls at Lake Alice in the middle of town. This cyclone was the 4th worst National Tornado disaster in history up to 1919. We noticed that flat Logan was wearing his "Oakes Tornadoes Rock!" sweatshirt so we thought he would appreciate learning about this tornado experienced in our town.

Our next stop was to the world's largest Otter, which is near Grotto Lake right in Fergus Falls. Fergus Falls is located in Ottertail County and our home team mascot is the Otter. As far as we know, Fergus Falls is the only team in the US with an Otter as a mascot. Fergus Falls also has the Ottertail River running through it.
This picture gives a better perspective on how large the Fergus Falls Otter actually is.
Our final stop of the day was to visit the community college called Minnesota State Community and Technical College (MSCTC) which is the home of the Spartans. Here is a little more trivia; one of the most popular team mascots is the Spartan. Those who are interested in Twilight will know that even the town of Forks, WA has the Spartan as their mascot.

Angelique thought the Spartan was wearing a dress, but in actuality, it is a part of his body armor.

Steve works at MSCTC as a psychology professor and also as a counselor.
This concludes the adventures of flat Logan in Fergus Falls, MN.


the mom~ said...

Cool, I will have to blog ours as well!

Lori said...

So cool. Thanks for the tour. Good thing you don't have any blog stalkers. They would know where to find you for sure!!! hehehe That bid otter is a dead give-away. Cool project.