Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good enough.

Since it had taken 2 days to get the first 4 windows in, we figured it would take another 2 days to get the last half done (I'm good at math). This morning the window crew showed up at 7:15 AM and started in on the 4 remaining windows. This time there were three in the crew instead of just two. Needless to say, things went much faster today. Not only did they get the rest of the windows in today, but they got 6 of the 8 windows are completely trimmed out in the interior.

I am just so happy to have all the window treatments off the floor/furniture and back to treating the windows!! In case you forgot what our living room looked like before, please follow this link.

Here is a look at the oak transition piece that we will need to get stained sometime in the near future.

OK, things are not 100%, but compared to what things looked like at the end of the work day yesterday, this is a huge improvement! The trim on the kitchen and bathroom windows aren't done. Apparently, special trim has to be ordered and hopefully that will be in by next Tuesday.
The bedroom windows are white in the interior and don't have the faux wood thing going on. I think it makes them look brighter.
The truth of the matter is that the faux wood cost more, so we opted to do all white where we could.
The shutters on one of the windows in the front and three in the back of the house still need to get put back on. Guess there was a problem with not having enough of the little button things that cover the screws.

Tasks remaining:
  1. Two windows need interior trim
  2. Four windows need to have shutters re-installed
  3. All windows need transition strips stained
But honestly, things are good enough for me.


Lori said...

Good enough AND energy efficient. How fabulous. I am so happy you can be done with this stress.

Charlene said...

Home projects can be so stressful, but in the end it looks so nice, you almost, teeny tiny ounce of almost may do another!:)