Friday, April 6, 2012

Steve's new ride

Good-bye Soccer-Mom-Mini-Van of the past 8 years, you have served this family well.  Numerous family vacations, camping trips, soccer games, family events, birthday parties, hailstorms and general running around. Over 150,000 miles, almost all driven by Steve.  He didn't complain {too much}.

 Some concerns over the continued long-term viability of our 2001 mini-van, including the heat going out over Christmas and the starter-thingy beginning to be temperamental, caused Steve to begin the hunt for a replacement.  This has been going on for the past 4 months.  But finally, this week, he found a vehicle with the features he wanted (V8 with towing capacity), 4 wheel drive,  room for extra passengers (seats 7), low mileage and the right price.

 Meet Steve's new Armageddon vehicle...  2008 Jeep Commando Commander in all black.  It looks like all that is missing is some type of mounted machine gun on top.  I think he was looking to "man-up" his vehicle after the mini-van.  I think he made a great choice.  Although the boxy shape makes me want to call it the "Sponge-bob Square Pants" vehicle.  Although I think Armegeddon is going to stick.


Lori said...

Much more fitting for his cool guy image!! Nice ride!!

Heather said...

Just what I was picturing! I Love it!! Cool guy ride, indeed!!!