Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vieques trip Part 1

Our "Spring Break" destination this year was Vieques, Puerto Rico.  Planning for the trip began back in late July last year after a weekend spent with the Mathern's.  I think we may have actually invited ourselves along on their annual trip to the island (which we consider the Mathern's Island since they own land there). 
 Lance was the trip planning master which included booking flights, lodging, rental vehicle and excursions as well as a fabulous PowerPoint presentation showing highlights of the island.  And like a true planner, he kept all pertinent information housed in his trusty magic green folder.
 So we truly were able to just pack our bags and board the flight, knowing Lance had everything under control.  We had a 5 1/2 hr direct flight from Minneapolis to San Juan, Puerto Rico early Saturday, March 10th.  Steve was only one of us 4 who was able to sleep on the long flight while the rest of us made fun of him because we were super jealous of his mad-sleeping-skills.
 A quick 20 minute, puddle-jumper flight in the afternoon and the Mathern's island was in view.
We stayed the next week in this fabulous three bedroom Hilltop Hacienda, just outside of Isabel II, with views of the Atlantic ocean

 from the large veranda.
 This is the bedroom that Steve & I stayed in.  The windows were left open during the day to catch the ocean breeze, but we quickly learned that at night it was better to close the windows due to some barking battles some of the local dogs got into.
I loved that we could still hear and see the ocean from our room.  Saturday the 10th was pretty much a travel day for us.  We arrived in Vieques around 4:30 PM, but by the time we got our bright blue jeep and got checked in at the Hilltop, we were ready for a late supper (at Coconuts) and good night sleep.

March 11th, was our first official beach day.  After getting provisions at the grocery store, we got in about 5 hours at Orchid beach (aka Playa La Plata).  The soft sugar sand was amazing and the sound of the surf (on the Caribbean side of the island) was calm and relaxing. The mixed clouds kept us from getting very toasted, much to the disappointment of Denise & me.  Lance and Steve got in some snorkeling and spotted a stingray in between time on the sand.

Nothing beats a relaxing beach day like Bushwackers at a local restaurant in Esperanza called Bananas.  "Bushwacker down!" Our waitress, Tami from Wisconsin, was da bomb and kept treating us to extras.

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Lori said...

I think I just died from jealousy!! What a great trip!!