Friday, February 10, 2012

A nearly snowless Snoball

Abby went to her first formal dance of her Freshman year on February 3, 2012.  Snoball is a Sadie Hawkins styled dance, and Abby invited Jake Steen to accompany her to the event.  A large group of friends gathered at the Leapoldt residence to get primped for the dance. Abby was OK with me curling her hair for the dance, but she wasn't so sure I should come over and take pictures.  What was my baby girl thinking?  How could I not take pictures of this milestone?  So to reduce embarrassment, I didn't come over to take pictures until the entire entourage was ready, which was nearly 5:30 PM.

The pictures outdoors was not my idea, but I was happy to be there to capture the 13 lovely Freshman young ladies in their finery.  Despite the cold temperatures, the girls were excited to show off their outfits with the backdrop of frosted evergreen trees.

And what a striking group!  The dresses all glistened like jewels.

Pictured L to R:  Hanna Leapaldt, Mary Gettel, Olivia Stumbo, Emily Nelson, Taylor Leapaldt, Lauren Angus, Kate Rinke, Claire Ripley, Alicia Quamme, Brooklyn Seland, Jileen Tenneson, Abby Lindgren & Kayla Jarandson
 Abby & Jake
These teens are really a great group and they were so cooperative with pictures!  The girl:guy ratio of 13:5 was definitely in the guys' favor.  The Leapaldts were such gracious hosts and even cooked supper for all these hungry teens.
Miss Abby stayed until the dance ended at midnight and reported that she got in lots of dancing and had a great time.  And I'll just have to take her word on the fun part, but without her own transportation, we do know she was actually at the dance all night. It is good that Steve & I still have some peace of mind yet.


the mom~ said...

How fun, for both of you! Gorgeous group of girls!

Kathy said...

These are priceless pictures. So glad you got to enjoy the moment! So does that mean that Jake is a boyfriend or was just a date for the night?

Lori said...

Beautiful pictures!! She is so grown up now. What a fun night!