Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wisdom of an 8 year old and other stuff

I have found it interesting to see how the dynamics in our house change when a couple of additional friends get added to the mix. The pairing off sometimes isolates one child but the next minute it changes again and a different pairing off occurs.

During a pairing off of Kippy & Madi, I was able to interest KZ in a little project. First, I have many t-shirts that I have gained from participating in various races. I seldom wear any of these because they are always man-shirts.... totally square, boxy and too big. I saw a quick easy project to reconstruct a t-shirt using a rotary cutter. I cut the neckline ribbing, excess sleeve and length from the tee. Then cut that excess into 1 inch strips and pulled on the fabric causing the strips to roll into thick strings. KZ watched intently during this process. I asked if she wanted to make a bracelet and she quickly said yes. I got my stash of pony beads and we started adding a few beads to the t-shirt strings. KZ gravitated to the glittery pony beads. We finished them off by tying and wrapping. The stretchy fabric easily fits over the hand and made a cool looking casual bracelet. Kippy & Madi wanted in on the action, and the 4 of us came up with some quick, fun, creations. Everyone with their own bead combination. Best use of a racing T yet.
KZ later followed me out to the garden and was helping me harvest an abundance of tomatoes. She was busy chatting away as I cleared out a lot of dead branches from a few plants that had gotten blown over. We also picked several green tomatoes which had fallen off of the vines in the same wind storm. As we were working, a hummingbird came and hovered near our heads for an extended period of time. KZ exclaimed, "I have never seen a hummingbird up close like this!" She happily helped me pick cucumbers, zucchini and some flowers too. On the second trip into the house with our harvest, she said to me, "This may sound strange, but I think these tomatoes would look nice displayed in a big bowl."

Not strange at all, Miss KZ, you are right. The tomatoes look wonderful arranged in a big bowl.

I'm off to see what else my little girl club can do today.

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Lori said...

Ah...that KZ melts my heart. I love that you get to hang with on of my d=favorite girls.