Friday, June 3, 2011

Run, Abby, RUN!

Abby participated in both the Indoor and Outdoor track sessions this spring. I was only able to go to one meet in Breckenridge on May 6th, where she ran the 100, 4x100 relay, & performed in long jump and the triple jump. She placed in all of the events and was ecstatic.

Start of the 100 meter dash... placed 4th...
Overall, the track season was a good experience. This was the first year that Abby tried the field events and enjoyed the triple jump the most. She continued to prefer the sprints and was told by her coaches that she is a strong runner.

4X100 relay team... Abby ran first leg; team placed 3rd = Hana D, Paige L & Claire R.
The weather was less than ideal for nearly all 4 of the outdoor meets. Steve was able to go to the Barnsville meet on May 9th and Grandma Rose watched Abby at the Fergus Falls meet on May 17th.

Triple jump action
2011 season results


Lori said...

YAY ABBY!!! What an athlete. She looks so strong and confident. WTG!!

Kathy said...

Great pixs!! Looks like she had a very successful track season. Gets that running from her Mom.