Saturday, June 25, 2011

My puzzle piece

Ever have that person who just clicks into place with you no matter how much time has passed, like a missing puzzle piece and you just feel complete around them?  A person who really understands you and accepts you as you are?  A person who "gets" you?  I have to say I am blessed to have several people like that in my life and I am grateful for them because each one fills an important space in my heart and makes me feel rejuvenated and special when I am in their presence.  One of these precious puzzle pieces for me is my dear cousin Mikey.  I love him so much!  Mikey is my first cousin and we are only 1 year apart in age.  Since our mom's (Joan & Rose) are sisters, it seems like there were many opportunities for us to be together through the years.
 Check out this flashback picture on my 2nd birthday... Mikey is in the red shirt giving my little brother, Russ, a neck hug.
 This is a picture of Mikey and me at the German/Braun family reunion in Fargo six years ago (June 2005).
 Mikey and I have many shared interests (photography, family, traveling, wine).  Even our careers are similar, which it isn't always easy for me to find someone I can talk "shop" with who doesn't work for the same company that I do.

On Wednesday, June 16th, Mikey was flying in with his momma (my aunt Joan) and two of his sisters (Sherry & Pam).  The family was coming in for the huge German/Braun family reunion.  I hadn't seen Mikey in 6 years, although we frequently keep in touch via e-mail and Facebook, it isn't the same as in person.  I took the opportunity to come and surprise everyone at the Fargo airport.  The joy and excitement was just as I imagined it would be - only BETTER!  The icing on top was that I was able to bring my Mikey back to Fergus Falls with me for two days until we needed to be in Aberdeen for the family reunion. My family had him all to ourselves and we tried to make the most of it.

 I shared some of the sights in and around Fergus Falls with Mikey.  This is a pic Mikey took of Abby on the Fergus Falls Riverwalk.  The best part of the time was the ability to really catch up on what has happened in our lives and share in a way that we haven't been able to do in a long time.

Mikey took this picture of me while we where at Phelps Mill.  We shared a passion about photography and it was fun to trade tips since we both shoot with Nikon's.
Mikey is my puzzle piece for sure.  I'll always treasure the time we had, laughter shared and support given. We need to do it again!  Miss you, Mikey!!

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Mikey said...

from da Mikey.. to my dear cousin.

Thank you again Nae. Loved every bit of the way too short of time that I was able to spend with you and your family. Best use of my time in a long time.

Every time that I get to hang around you the more I realize how Awesome you are, and what a great life you have with your family.

Looking forward to the next time.