Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Munchkins rule!

Angelique was a head Munchkin in the OLV Wizard of Oz musical a few weeks ago. She was so excited when she got the part of Zoq, the mayor of the Munchkins. The whole play is put on by the Prairie Fire Children's Theatre in such a short time frame, yet the quality of the performance is amazing. The tryouts were on Monday, May 9th and the musical was performed at the end of the week on Friday, May 13th!
Angelique was worried that she wouldn't get a part because as a 4th grader this is the first year she was able to participate. Let me tell you, she was OVER-THE-MOON when she got a part with several speaking lines!
I am still in awe that my shy, Kippy-girl had such poise and expression on the stage. Can this possibly be the girl who had stage fright so bad as a Kindergartner when she tried to tell a joke for the talent show she froze & had to have the principal help her off the stage? Look how far she has come!
Zoq - mayor of the Munchkins!


Kathy said...

Both of your girls are SO outgoing.
Great job of parenting!

Lori said...

I have a really hard time picturing that. Kippy is so friendly and out-going. I just figured she came that way. She is a sweet girl...I'm so glad she got this confidence boost!!