Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An afternoon at Spidahls

On Thursday, December 23rd, we were able to make the most of our afternoon by cross-country skiing at Spidahls. It was one of those perfect winter days with absolutely no wind and around 20 degrees. It has actually been two years since we have been to Spidahls and the difference between our first experience and this experience was amazing. The girls were both much more coordinated and we were able to spend a lot more time skiing.
I truly fell in love with Winter during this afternoon. The peaceful serenity and the beauty of the snowy woods touched my heart. I have to admit it may have been due to the fact that my heart was literally racing. I always get cold when I go downhill skiing, but the cardio work required to cross-country ski keeps me warm from the tip of my toes to my fingertips.
After 40 minutes, we were all sweating and had to go back to our vehicle and shed a layer of clothing & drink some water before we headed out for the more challenging intermediate trails.
We were able to go on several trails that we hadn't been on before and put in a solid 2 1/2 hours of skiing. Everyone was tired and happy when we left.
Only one small glitch... which ended up turning into a larger problem on day 2, was a silly little biff I did while cruising downhill. My left ski took a hard left as it came out of the groove, while the right leg tried to stay right and my body got confused and tumbled along twisting my left ankle and wrenching my right shoulder. It really didn't hurt at the time, but that evening the ankle swelled and the shoulder ached. Old age just isn't that fun!

Despite the little set back, I went out cross-country skiing again last weekend and had a wonderful {injury free} time at Glendalough State Park with my friend Kelly. I think I am ready to purchase my own skis and make this a regular Winter-time activity in my life.


Lori said...

I'm so glad it was fun for the whole family. And you're right...getting old stinks!! It's definitely not for the young...just the young-at-heart!

the mom~ said...

Looks fun. Maybe I should try it since I live where I could use ski's more than a swim suit. LOL