Monday, October 11, 2010

Exploration of Itasca State park

We took a day-trip to do some exploring at Itasca State Park with our very good friends, the Hubert family. It was the 2nd day of October and of course, the Fall foliage was at its peak.
One of our first stops was the beautiful, sparkling water marking the beginning of the Mississippi River.
And the required picture beside the Mississippi Headwaters sign {Please note: You are witnessing an optical illusion, because Abby is not taller than me. We are the same height.... for now.}
The temperature was a brisk 45 degrees and much too cold for the kids to go wadding in; however, they did look longingly at the water and ventured poking their hands in a few times.
Two of the braver girls asked if they could take their shoes off, roll their pants up and get in. That was a big, fat sack of "No".
So, off they went running down one of the many hiking trails which were well padded with crunchy, brown leaves.
Always stopping to find little treasures, like a beautiful leaf. Unfortunately, Abby thought this huge daddy long-leg was a treasure. It gave me the {shivers}... bluck!
Occasionally, some map consultation had to take place to accurately take us to the next destination.
It was a sunny, cool and peaceful day with not a lot of people.

It was sweatshirt weather for sure. Love this picture of the daddies with two of the daughters. Melts my heart every time!
all against a gorgeous blue sky.
Couple that with time spent with my sister-at-heart... priceless!
One of our family's favorite places at Itasca is the fire tower; alas, not everyone loves it as much as the Lindgrens. Heather chose to stay on the ground with Bella, while Kami later wished she had stayed back as well.There is Heather with Miss Bella on the bench.
The 360 degree views were breathtaking.

And here is Steve with the kids who were actually smiling at the top of the tower. Sadly, Kami was NOT smiling and was being helped down by her dad.
It really was a perfect day to explore Itasca. I am so grateful we could partner with the Hubert family (minus Miranda) on this trip.
Bella really enjoyed all the attention the 5 girls bestowed on her. It was a fantastic day.


Lori said...

Such a fun trip. I am so glad you all got to enjoy such a beautiful fall day. Great friends and beautiful weather....hard to beat!

Miss Muffet said...

It looks like the perfect day. You look fantastic! I love the couple picture with you and Steve. Maybe we will do some hiking when you come to Colorado?