Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This and That

Just going to share a little of This and That from the past few days...

1. Here's a LEARN: Yoga pants are not appropriate running gear. This was a surprise to me. My new Victoria Secret yoga pants work great in weight training class, so comfy and cute, and they are wonderful as work pants in my casual office. However, due to the lack of a waist band on them, they cannot be used as running pants EVER! I spent 4 miles grabbing, hoisting, pulling my tank-top down over them trying to keep them from dropping to the ground all the while repeating over and over "Yoga pants ARE.NOT.APPROPRIATE running gear." Just a friendly PSA to help you out.

2. Lunch at our house is generally a make-it-yourself operation. I occasionally remind the family to Get-in-Touch-with-their-Inner-Fruits-&-Veggies, but all in all they do make pretty good choices. Recently at lunch time, I was looking through the crisper drawer and decided to saute fresh zucchini and mushrooms together... seemed like a great combo of two of my favorites. As I was cooking and stirring them, Kippy entered the kitchen and asked, "Mom, what smells so good?"
I replied, "Zucchini and mushrooms."
Kippy asked, "Can I have some too?"
Me: "Sure."
Less than 1 minute later, Abby came into the kitchen and said, "Mmmmm, that smells good. Can I have some?"
"Of course." Luckily I had made a lot, so there was plenty to go around. As we were sitting at the counter enjoying the veggies, Kippy turned to me and said, "Aren't you glad we are the kind of kids who will eat vegetables?
I had to laugh and admit, "Yes I am!"

3. Another important LEARN to share: Having an external computer harddrive is not the same as having a full file backup. On Friday, August 13th, a virus was activated on our home PC which engaged when Windows did an improper shut down. The improper shut down was due to a power flicker from a thunderstorm early in the morning. The virus prevents Windows from loading and prevents the system from booting up. We know this because our PC has been at the local Computer Dr. We are hoping to get it back at noon today. In the meantime, we did buy another PC and I have all of our pictures and documents from the external harddrive, which is great. I hadn't done a back-up of the Photoshop Elements catalog since June 6th, so my pictures & edits from vacation are missing and all of our e-mail messages and e-mail addresses are also gone. Hopefully, I will get the tower back and be able to pull over the missing information and finally get things straightened out, but at this time, things are still up in the air. I am going to put a calendar reminder to do full-file backups every month FROM.NOW.ON!

That is all for this episode of This and That...


Lori said...

Did not know about the full file back-up...or the yoga pant issue. Thanks for the 411. That Kippy is a blast!! I love her innocence. Are they ready for school to start? Jo starts tomorrow. We are a bunch of nervous nellies around here!

Charlene said...

Thanks for the tips, especially the yoga pants!!

Sherri said...

I think between the two of us and our experiences with Victoria's Secret clothing, we can perhaps rule out their wares for running. Remember me running my VS lacey underwear right off my backside? Glad I was by myself on my treadmill!