Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scenes from Day 2 of Summer Vacation 2010

Day 2 (July 31, 2010) was primarily a travel day.
  • Got an early morning walk in my Mom & Kippy and I took a picture of our three rigs all lined up at the Red Trail campground.
  • We packed up for our morning departure and had a major GRIZWOLD moment... We didn't have the driver's side captain chair slid all the way forward and broke the trim off when we brought the slide back in. We are still waiting to hear the results of that stunt ($$) from the RV Rental company. Major oops and a downer to start out the day.
  • Had to say good-bye to Russ, Kristy, Noah & Nixin, but glad we had a day with them at Medora. Mom & Dad's rig took the lead as we departed and headed for Yellowstone by 8:00 AM.
  • Drove through some random rainstorms throughout the day. The girls mainly slept, watched movies, & read while we traveled along. It was very comfortable traveling until we got to the narrow windy roads the last 60 miles and I had to suck all the air out of the vehicle over and over.
  • Only stopped 3 times the whole day and arrived at West Yellowstone at 6:30 PM to our campsite at Grizzly RV, which would be our spot for the next 5 days.
  • Kippy had an explosive experience when she opened the ketchup bottle during supper. The difference in air pressure being at an elevation of 6600 feet caused it to burst ALL.OVER.HER. Several other items including shampoo and lotion also burst during the trip.
  • While we were eating supper at our campsite, we opened the "forbidden awning", which we were absolutely warned would not be covered by our insurance if it was damaged. Well, we almost damaged it because when it was raining and the wind came up, it wouldn't retract. Steve eventually had to stand on the picnic table and use an umbrella to help it and got rewarded with an avalanche of water on his head. It was pretty funny... guess ya had to be there.

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Lori said...

Sounds like a lot of fun memories were made. Loving the mental images!