Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scenes from day 5 of Summer Vacation 2010

Tuesday, August 3rd, was an Explore-West-Yellowstone-day for us. The morning started out with an unplanned surprise. I went for an early morning trail run {literally a dirt hiking trail through the forest}, which was absolutely quiet, beautiful and very, very cold. And when I say very cold, I mean cold, as in see.your.breath.34.degrees.cold. The surprise was when two large black dogs came charging at me, barking and snarling out in the middle of no-where. I froze and shouted "NO!" in my lowest-loudest voice, fighting every instinct to just scream and run for my life. The dogs ran right up to me, the larger of the two had a happy tail, but the smaller one was growling and did not look at all friendly. I shouted "NO!" a couple more times, one of the dogs sniffed my leg and then they both ran off. I never saw any owner, but they both had collars. Those dogs definitely scared the puddin' out of me, but glad it wasn't a bear or wolves. I felt so defenseless standing in just my t-shirt and shorts. Probably not my best idea to be where I was, but the draw of the wilderness was pretty strong.

After a leisurely breakfast, we rode our bikes to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center downtown. We all fell in love with Jewel, a Karelian Bear dog, who is part of the bear management team. It was a great learning experience.
After lunch we biked downtown to snoop around a do a little souvenir shopping. After a lot of looking, we each picked out a t-shirt.

Steve's shirt gave a nod to the whitewater rafting as well as his accident-prone character.

My t-shirt was directly inspired by the dog incident earlier that morning and gave a nod to my slightly competitive nature.

The girls had a great time in one of the shops which had a ton of different hats. {I know what you are thinking and I can totally understand. I tried really, really hard not to think of how many other people had also done the same thing.}

I took pictures of the painted buffalo scattered throughout town. The creativity and designs were amazing.

A few other items we did on day 5:
  • We went to the IMAX theater and watched a movie about the history of Yellowstone.
  • After an afternoon rainstorm, we went back to the Grizzly and Wolf Center and enjoyed the animals as they were much more active after it had cooled off.
  • Steve grilled buffalo burgers for supper - Delicious!
  • After supper, we walked back downtown for Kippy to get her much anticipated Huckelberry ice cream, while the rest of us were treated to fresh peaches & vanilla ice cream at my parent's camper. My favorite!
  • It was a very relaxing day.


Lori said...

So much fun squeezed into such a short day. I love West. I worked there the summer I turned 15. It was great! I'm glad you went to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. That is one of my favorite places.

Kathy said...

I am living a vacation to yellowstone through you. Love it!

Charlene said...

Love how you captured all the beauty of Yellowstone plus all the site seeing places you went to!! We miss it out there and I loved reliving it with you again....all except the white water rafting. We haven't done that yet. We went river rafting in a river more younger kid friendly for our kids!!