Monday, June 28, 2010

To the fairest of the fair...

Happy Birthday, Miss Lori!! You can rule all of land from your throne with your fabulousness today!
Instead of a GNO, Heather, Lori and I had a GAO (girls afternoon out) in Sioux Falls on Friday. It was an opportunity to meet Lori at a half-way point between Omaha and Fergus Falls as well as bring Lori her daughter who was visiting friends in Fergus AND we got to celebrate Lori's birthday a couple days early.
Armed with the advise from my BFF, Sherri, we decided to have a downtown adventure in Sioux Falls. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon. We ate lunch at the Wild Sage Grille. It was a TAD bit windy dining outside. The wind actually blew away my credit card when I tried to use it!

But it really does give us the windblown model look, don't you think?

We went into lots of great little boutiques. When we saw this painting, we thought it looked like us in about 20 more years.

We had fun putzing around in a wonderful furniture store called DeWitt Designs where we picked out our future decor.

Lori's daughter was so generous with her photographic talents. It was so nice to have lots of pics of the three of us with three different cameras. Thanks JO! Just had to sneak in one pic with her and her adorable self!

We made sure to save room for dessert because we had already gotten a recommendation for this shop called Sinful Things.
We sampled each other's choices and they were all delish! Lemon cake, french silk, red velvet cheesecake & chocolate raspberry cheesecake... Sinful is right!
All in all, we all thought our DTSF adventure was fabulous. We loved that it was a reasonable daytrip with it just being a tad over 3 hours for each of us to get there.

Thank you for the wonderful GAO and I can't wait until we do this again!


the mom~ said...

Glad you ladies had a nice time!

Lori said...

Thank you so much...again...for the GNO book and the whole day!! It was amazing and so are you. I am so lucky to be able to call you sister!!

Charlene said...

Looks like a great time and a great half-way mark to keep in touch!!

Heather said...

It really was a FABULOUS day! I loved it and can't wait until we go back.