Saturday, June 26, 2010

Communing with the cousins

Even though I have 31 first cousins from my mom's (German) side of the family, we don't get a chance to get together very often. There are regularly scheduled reunion events every three years, but depending upon the location it is being held, I can't always attend. There are also the random vacations/visits when we can see each other, but that doesn't happen frequently. It generally takes some type of event and last weekend ,I am happy to say, the occasion bringing cousins and family together was a joyous one... great-aunt Lucille's 90th birthday party!
My cousin Sherry lives in Arab, Alabama which means I don't see her often enough. I love her so much! She is just a joy to be around. I love that we are always able to just pick up where we last left off. Here she is lovin' on one of the farm kitty's. She loves cats {but I don't hold that against her}.

We were able to hang out for three days doing lots of things including: Shrek 4 Ever After; shopping in Oakes; Lucille's open house event; Mass; Barn dance (although I missed her karaoke song); and finally a family picnic on Sunday.
The Sunday picnic crew... 5 of Grandma Nita/Grandpa George's children... 7 grandchildren... 9 great-grandchildren... plus a sprinkling of spouses made for a very fun time.
It was a first time for many of the 2nd cousins to even meet each other and they melded together seamlessly. Chandler, Kippy and Logan were clowning around before the official full-crew picture was taken.

Abby had just as much fun as Hannah and Ainslee on the tire swing.
Nora was the most delicious little baby to snuggle with. Here is Pam lovin' up on her.
Nora was rocking the red polka-dot bikini her grandma Claire got for her while being supported by her mom, Linette. Don't you just love Nora's baby soft chunky legs?
Abby taught Hannah how to make her own virtual cupcake on the ipod. Hannah concentrated very hard to make it just right.
I love this quiet moment caught between my dad and Pam. It is just so comfortable and reassuring.
Of course these 4 characters get together more often and keep things pretty entertaining to say the least.
Love the striking blue eyes that they have in common.
I am sure these cousins will have lots of memories to build on in the future and I hope they continue build the bonds between one another as I have been able to build with my cousins. Truly a priceless weekend!

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Very Nice Nae... love the pics..

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