Thursday, June 17, 2010

I need an intervention

HELP!!! I have a magazine addition. There. I have admitted it. Am I cured yet? This is just a sampling of the mags I get on a monthly basis. I know for sure Runners World is missing and there could be one other. I do love me my magazines!! I love the ideas, the articles, the recipes, the information, the pictures, the... the... the EVERYTHING!

One of the problems with getting this many magazines is keeping up with the reading. I NEVER.EVER.EVER throw out a magazine without reading it from cover to cover. I keep the "Magazines-yet-to-read" in a tote bag so I can easily carry it from room to room or even to the vehicle with me. I love reading on the go... unless I am napping on the go, which does interfere with the reading. I also tear out pages from the magazines of anything of interest, which doesn't lend itself to sharing with others. I have a stack of 7-8 mags waiting to be read at any point in time. I know what you thinking... and yes, I realize it is a lot. Didn't I already say I need an intervention? I am just going to go on record and say, I have honestly tried to reduce the number of subscriptions. I have even eliminated 2 mags. I just cannot resist the pesky, sneaky way I keep getting sucked into enrolling for another year. They slash the darn price down to just $6.99 for a whole additional year... 12 magazines... What a bargain! and then... I.JUST.SAY.YES all over again.

A couple months ago, I had an idea. I decided to turn my addiction to magazines into a positive. I set out to satisfy my inner crafter, recycle and further justify my magazine addition. I did some quick Google searches on Recycled Magazine Crafts and I hit the mother load!

Did you know that you can roll magazine pages tightly around a skewer forming little straws and then glue the magazine straws onto other objects?

Like a cute little picture frame?

Or you can embrace your inner origami and make a flower out of 6 magazines pages.

And then glue the flower shapes into a globe. I lost interest after making 8 flowers, so I only got half of a globe, which conveniently looks like a bouquet when I plunked it on top of a crystal vase.

You can fold and coil magazine pages into...

handy coasters. Just make sure to seal with several coats of modge podge before using.
I loved this little bowl with a lid made completely of magazines, but I never made it. I discovered another problem with making crafts out of magazines... It takes TOO.MUCH.TIME! It was taking so much time that I was getting more and more behind on reading and enjoying my magazines. So, I did the only logical thing I could.... I stopped the recycled magazine crafting and went back to reading. I don't think I am cured yet.


the mom~ said...

I too LOVE magazines but currently have no subscriptions...if ever you want to hand some down to me after you read them I would LOVE that ;) just sayin'...for real this time.

Lori said...

That is awesome!! Look at you getting your craft on! Those coasters are stinkin' cute! I am in awe of your brilliance.