Saturday, March 13, 2010

Second Honeymoon in Vegas

We are off to celebrate our 2nd honeymoon with a 4 day stay in Las Vegas over Steve's Spring Break. Our first honeymoon was also a 4-day stay in Vegas, which was a wedding gift from both of our parents. We were there December 29, 1991 through January 1, 1992 {over 18 years ago}. On our first Honeymoon, we stayed at the Excalibur. We went to several shows including a New Year's Eve comedy show at the Aladdin with Sam Kinison & Pauly Shore, which ended with a jam session with Motley Crew to bring in 1992.
We also went to King Arthur's Tournament Dinner show where we had this picture taken. Steve, as always, my Knight in shining armor. Don't ya just love my 90's permed hair?

One of the things I hope not to repeat on Honeymoon II, is Steve getting sick on the flight into Vegas. I remember looking out the window chatting away and turned to see why Steve had gotten so quiet. I looked at his face and immediately asked, "What's wrong?" That is when Steve started rifling through the seat pocket in front of him to get the infamous barf-bag. I quickly pleaded, "Go to the restroom. Please don't do it beside me!" But it was too late... ugggggggg!!! The worst part was we were right in the middle of landing, so there was no leaving the seats and no getting rid of the smelly, disgusting bag-of-gore. When we got off the plane, I was surprised when Steve said he felt better because I thought he had the flu. Steve said, "I only got sick because of all the turbulence!" Turbulence? What turbulence? I hadn't even noticed any turbulence. We are definitely wired differently in that respect.

Although, I recently went to Vegas last June, Steve hasn't been back to there since Honeymoon I. Steve told me he has some anti-nausea gum for this trip. I hope it works!! We are staying at Trump International. We have tickets to Andrew Dice Clay and hope to get in a couple of other comedy shows. We are definitely taking in the thrill rides at the Stratosphere. Steve's mom will be holding down the fort with Bella and taking care of the girls while we are gone. WE ARE GOING TO VEGAS, BABY!


Lori said...

How exciting!!! How exciting!! I am so jealous. I know you'll have a fabulous time!!

the mom~ said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip!

Charlene said...

Have fun!!! I'm sure it will be a memorable one too!!