Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bratz & Barbie World Home Improvement

Several months ago, the girls came up with an idea to expand their Bratz/Barbie house. After bugging their dad for a long time, they finally got to start on the attic renovation on their house.
The original house plan had three upstairs rooms and two rooms on the lower level.
Steve removed the roof and added hinges so it could open and close. He put in a couple room dividers to complete the new floorplan.Kippy got to work on the painting. She chose three bright colors that we already had on hand to complete the rooms. She also repainted two of the existing rooms, so there was more to the home improvement project then just an attic addition.
So Pergo wood-look flooring was added compliments of some contact paper which is so much easier to clean than carpet. We have to be practical ya know.
The orange room has become a baby playroom.

The 2 dads are chillin' in the green room, which has extra storage while supervising the daycare.

So much for the little toddlers to do and play with!

The life and times of the Bratz and Barbie's. The set-up literally took the girls hours to complete. Let's go in for a closer look.
A large group of gals are gathered to chat in the living room. Maybe they are having a jewelry party or something? Whatever it is, they sure are packed in this room.

Two sweet teenagers have a room to themselves. Notice the props near the dresser. There is a lot of detail going on here.
Looks like a pillow fight going on with these two little girls.
Apparently the only Barbie's in this world are the maids who have to slave away in the kitchen.
Another room is dedicated to two tweens, who have to babysit their little sister.

There are outside activities happenin' as well. This couple is going off on a little joy ride.
And this family is off to go on a trail ride together.
We have a skateboarder...
And even one adventurous gal, who is rappelling from the book shelf (I'm sure it is me)!! So fun to see the girls demonstrating cooperation, imagination & creativity. An extra bonus is that there were 3 large bags of excess Barbie/Bratz paraphernalia which was disposed in this process. I think they were inspired by all the episodes of Clean Sweep that I watch!


the mom~ said...

Awesome, Ethan says "that's cool!"

Sherri said...

I want to move in so I have someone to play Barbies & Bratz with. So bummed that no one in my house is into that anymore! I no longer have an excuse to shop in the pink aisle and say "I'm looking for stuff for Rachel." Yeah, "for Rachel."

Lori said...

It's about time someone put Barbie in her place!! What a GREAT project.

Heather said...

I love the detail and thought that your girls put into their Barbie/Bratz world. VERY COOL!!! And lol at Lori!!!