Thursday, October 1, 2009

Making fun at the farm

Growing up on the farm, we were used to making our own fun. Our kids get to experience that a little bit when they are back at the Sell farm. Fun can take many forms... in this case, it was a tree swing.
An old tire, some rope and a tree branch are all that is required. Steve got the job of hanging it up.
Kippy was determined to steady the ladder for him because she remembers her dad's previous ladder issues. Plus, when you are at the farm, the ER is 15 miles away.

Kaleb was in charge of using the 4-wheeler to hold the tire up while the knots were being tied.

Let the fun begin!

READY.... SET....


Kristy said...

OMG! Nixin will be SO excited to see a SWING next time we go there! He was bummed that he couldn't use 'the park' anymore so this will totally rock for him! & NOAH!

Kathy said...

Priceless and your husband is so handy!

Lori said...

TOO FUN!! I love time on the farm. It brings back such great childhood memories for me.

Charlene said...

We need to get a tire swing put on one of the trees here!! That looks like way too much fun!!