Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New beginnings

New clothes, new shoes, new school supplies.... and new beginnings for both of my girls. Angelique starting third grade with her class of 11 students at OLV on Monday, August 31st.
And talk about excited! She had her clothes picked out and backpack ready to go the night before. No complaints about getting woke up early to get ready. Thankfully, Steve's teaching schedule allows him to take both the girls to school each morning again this year, so they get to have about 30 minutes extra time in the morning.
I rode along with Steve that morning to capture a few quick pictures of the first day of school.
I was happy that Kippy at least turned around to waive at me before dashing into the building. And I was proud of myself for not crying. I didn't even tear up! It was a big-girl moment for me.

Especially since I have been thinking about and fretting over the changes this new school year would be bringing. Abby entered the public school system for the first time as a 7th grader. Abby's previous 6th grade class of 7 students from OLV would be increasing to almost 220 students. In addition, 7th grade & 8th grade have been relocated to the High School while an almost 2 year construction project is in progress. My heart rate starts to accelerate just thinking of the large age range and volume of students in the same huge building. Crazy concerns have been creeping into my head... Have we sheltered Abby too much by sending her to private school up until 7th grade? Is Abby properly prepared for the demands of 7th grade? Will she be able to find her classes? Will she continue to develop positive friendships with classmates - the kind that won't be negative influences?
I tried to think of what I am most concerned about. At the core, I know it is the letting go process that is the most difficult. I no longer have the level of information I am used to having... I don't know all of Abby's different teachers personally. I don't know every single classmate as well as her classmate's parents. I am only going to know what she chooses to share with me.

My logical side knows that Abby will be successful. She is smart; She makes good choices; She knows how to be a good friend and values her friendships; She is outgoing; She is funny; She is a really great kid!
Abby is confident and excited about 7th grade. She has attended both the "Early Start" orientation session and open-house. She knows her schedule, her teachers and where her classrooms are. She has met her locker-mate and has memorized her locker combination. She has all of her supplies and the skills necessary to be successful. So, I pushed my worry, doubts and concerns aside and focused on that as I watched Abby enter school.

And she did not turn back to look at us once...
I was waiting on the porch to greet the girls when they got off the bus at the end of the day.
They both were excited to share their day with me. Kippy said she forgot her backpack in her locker. When I asked, "How could you forget your backpack?" She said, "My bloody nose distracted me." Hummm... that would do it.
Abby told me about going to the wrong classroom for 2nd period and said she was a little embarrassed when the Art Teacher pointed it out to her. But she laughed and said it wasn't a big deal and just went to the right class after that.
Miss Bella and I were just as excited to have them back home and to have them share their new beginnings with us.


the mom~ said...

Looked like an awesome day for both. Bella looked happy to greet them! We had a parent/student Chapel on the first day and as Ethan left the Chapel he didn't look back either :(
Oh and I did cry during Chapel, I'm not a big girl yet! And...Abram has his firs day of preschool Thursday...Lord help me!!!

Lori said...

You have taught them well!! Tell Abby that I did the same thing in the 7th grade. I was so embarrassed when Mr. Merritt asked if I was sure I was in the right place. I'm glad she was able to laugh it off. Sounds like they both did really well. YAY for school!!

Mom said...

Wonderful overview!

Charlene said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way as I am preparing myself, I mean my son, to enter "middle school". We have open house tonight, we'll see how that does!! They both look so excited to be in school, a good sign!!!

Heather said...

I have been looking forward to your back to school recap for days! I'm glad that both the girls had a great first day. And I did that in 7th grade too, Mrs. Gardener's 8th grade art class.....SO EMBARASSING!