Monday, September 7, 2009

Bella's bike ride

I never thought we would be one of "those" dog owners. You know, the kind that treat their dog like one of their children? Heck, with my allergies, I didn't think I would ever BE a dog owner at all. Turns out... we look suspiciously like those owners who don't go anywhere without their doggie in tow.
So, since we like to go biking as a family we figured out a way to bring Bella with. She rode in a small carrier with Steve on his bike. She was a little suspicious about the adventure to begin with, but quickly caught on that this was a great way to travel.
We found out that it worked best to have Steve as the line leader while the rest of us followed along behind because when any of us got out of Bella's line of sight, she would try to peak around Steve and almost climbed right out of the carrier!
We raised quite a few eyebrows and had several people would point and giggle as we biked around Itasca State Park for 3 hours on Sunday afternoon.
Miss Bella even waded out into the refreshing Mississippi Headwaters for a dip.

She is starting to be a well traveled little dog. We get a lot of comments about how cute she is, what is your dog's name or that she looks just like their dog.

I simply found it more relaxing to not have to rush back home, worried about how long we had left Bella in her kennel.
It was a gorgeous day to enjoy the time outside among the fragrant pine trees and the leaves just beginning to turn. We were able to take our time.
And we had lots of beautiful bike trail to enjoy!
And in case you didn't know it, Fall is my absolute favorite season!!


Heather said...

I love the combo of Steve wearing a HD t-shirt and wearing Bella on his back....AWESOME! I can't wait to get back up to Itasca in the next few is SO beautiful up there. And fall is just so absolute favorite too. But you already knew that. ;)

Lori said...

I'm with Heather. There is just something odd, cute, funny and fabulous about a Harley Man wearing a doggie carrier. I love that you are one of us now. Welcome to the club.

Kathy said...

You crack me up! This is awesome.