Friday, September 4, 2009

A dream come true!

Meet Steve's new favorite toy... a 1999 Dixon zero-turn lawn-mower! He sold his junky Murray mower last week and had been checking out this dream machine ever since. After making sure it would fit into his shed, he started negotiating with the local RDO JD Dealership.
Turned out tonight he got a call back and finally agreed on a price and it was delivered by 5:15 PM. Unfortunately for Steve, by 5:25 PM, he already experienced his first problem. An abrupt stop caused the battery to hit up against the frame and lose its charge.
Luckily, the neighbor had an electronic charger and within a half hour, he was ready to roll.
His new ride made short work of our big back yard. I should have timed it, because it was FAST!
Steve can get around the tightest of corners!
Although, Steve doesn't express a huge range of emotion, trust me when I say he was giddy with excitement over his new ride!


the mom~ said...

Sa-weet ride!

MM said...

SWEET! And you were so loving watching him work in his tank top....I know you were!

Lori said...

I think it is fabulous!! Jim thinks he should have bought a 4-wheeler and then they could have some REAL fun. hahahehehe

Mom said...

Very impressive! So happy he was able to make the deal after all!