Saturday, July 18, 2009

Willie G's ride

Meet Willie G. Angelique found this travel bug named, Willie G, last weekend as we were geocaching. Willie G's mission is to have his picture taken in front of Harley Dealerships. He has been on the road since November 2005.
We loaded him up and took him to the Apols Dealership in Alexandria, MN. He has already been to many different states including Kentucky, Colorado, California, Michigan, Kansas, Virginia and Maryland. And has logged a total of 7680 miles!
He enjoyed many of the new bikes in the shop.

Willie G was definitely "born to be wild". We'll be dropping him off tomorrow in a new cache so he can continue his journey.


Lori said...

That is a kick!! I love that you helped this little guy out. Fun family adventures!!!

the mom~ said...

Totally awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect geo for you guys! Lucky guy! MM