Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tribute to strawberries

Strawberries... juicy, sweet goodness wrapped up in a suit decorated with little bitty seeds and topped off with a cute green hat!
We picked 6 flats of strawberries at Johnson's Strawberry patch on Monday morning.
Nothing says summer quite like these delicious berries!
smoothies.... yummy for my tummy!
My favorite... strawberries over angel-food cake.
Strawberry jam.... mmmmmm
Abby made strawberry bars with the fresh jam, delish.
Parfaits anyone?


Charlene said...

I hope they have some left next week. I remember seeing all those yummy strawberries last year on Heather's blog and been looking forward to them ever since!!

the mom~ said...

They do look delicious!

Lori said...

Yum...why do you torture me so?? hehehe Looks like a great summer treat to me.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! My favorite fruit!! Looks just too good! Am going to copy the bar recipe as it looks yummy.
See you soon! Probably come next week if the house deals go thru.

Anonymous said...

I picked 7 flats with my Mom over Father's day and brought them back for us. I went from LOVING them to I HATE STRAWBERRIES by the time I got the last one's clean. Great pixs! MM