Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanks for Giving!

Don't you love this cheesy grin from Kippy when she was 5?I love Thanksgiving! It is a wonderful opportunity to gather together and give thanks for all the gifts God has blessed us with. We are heading to the farm in ND later this afternoon and will be spending Thanksgiving with my parents, my brother Russ and his family and my brother Randy and his family.

I am grateful for so many things, but first and foremost, I am grateful that Steve is recovering well from his Christmas lights catastrophe! I am thankful for the love and blessings from God and his son Jesus; for my wonderful husband and beautiful daughters; for our supportive families; for our amazing friends - you know who you are!; for our health; for the bountiful harvest that is still in progress at the farm; for pumpkin pie, my favorite; for great traveling weather; for so many, many blessings... I could go on and on!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all! May your turkey be juicy, your mashed potatoes creamy and your day be blessed!


Heather said...

And boy am I ever thankful for YOU!!! Sorry I didn't get back to you today. I hope you have a fun, entertaining and restful Thanksgiving at the farm. Call me when you get back. hh

the mom~ said...

Awwww...and I'm ever so thankful for you to Nae :) I am also thankful Steve is recovering too. Hope your day was fabulous!