Monday, November 17, 2008

Livin' with a ragamuffin

I did not know when Angelique was born that I would end up raising a little ragamuffin. Try as I might, her hair is only tangle free for about 5 seconds after it is brushed, unless it is a rare occasion when she consents to letting me braid or confine it into some type of pony-tail. I've tried working the "jedi-mind-tricks" angle to get her to agree to get her hair cut shorter, but haven't succeeded yet. Anywho...

This past weekend, I had just dressed her nicely and brushed out her hair in an attempt to get a family picture taken for our Christmas cards. I kid you not... 2 minutes after doing this, I find her upside-down on the couch rubbing her head back and forth on the carpet. I am freakin' out because it was nothing but static and snarls! Steve is right, once a monkey, always a monkey.

My dad often says Angelique will wear her clothes out from the inside instead of the outside since she is so squirrelly; however, I have not found this to be the case. Which brings me to the point of this little ragamuffin story... what the heck do you do with a child who constantly rips holes in her jeans and her school has a "no holes" dress code?
First I tried fusable patches that were made specifically for jeans... didn't work. Then I tried combining the fusable patches and then sewing them in place... result, ugly looking jeans. So, then I tried fusable patches, sewing them in place and then covering them with something decorative... ummm... that sometimes works, but as you can see here, she just tore the jeans out above the patch.
At this point, I just try to separate her jeans to "weekend-jeans-with-holes" and "brand-new-wear-to-school-jeans". I am buying 2-3 pairs a month, plus washing clothes every other day~not my idea of fun.
I did get an idea of something to do with some of the wrecked jeans... I made purses for each of the girls and me. I haven't figured out how to keep Kippy from looking like a ragamuffin, but I'll certainly take any suggestions that you have!


Charlene said...

I didn't even know you sew. I love the denim purses, those are so cute. The jean thing, I don't know what to tell you...I have the same problem with Ethan. I know that some jeans are stronger and have a tougher wear than others. But my older boys prefer to wear the track sweats and once they put holes in them, their isn't much I can do. Lucky for me there is "no hole" rules in the public schools, and I told my son, Ethan, he can wear them like that the rest of the school year. He could care less. Typical boy!!

Nae said...

Char, Yup, I sew. In fact, I used to sew a lot. Got my first sewing machine in the 2nd grade. Made my prom dress in high school even... just don't do too much right now. Mostly I sew quick little projects, like bags and stuff and sometimes add to scrapbook pages, etc. :-)

Lori said...

Somehow I missed this enrty. I wish I had some nugget of truth to impart here...other than when Jo went through this phase I started to have he help to cover the cost of the jeans. I had her pay me back out of her allowance or had her do extra chores. It worked pretty well. She didn't go through pants quite so quickly.