Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Making Easter Eggs

I love picking up different egg dye kits to try out. Sometimes the kits are a fizzle (like the tie-dye eggs), but this year the cousins (Noah, Kippy & Abby) had a blast. Noah taught the girls to hold the eggs halfway in the dye to make beautiful variegated colors. Even grandma Rose got in the act!

The best part was making the eggs into little characters by adding sticker faces, hats and even hair.
We could have had a little egg-puppet show when we were done!

When I was taking a picture of the final creations, I began talking to the eggs. I said, "Stay still! Stop moving around. Ok, now say CHEESE!" Nixin thought it was great to treat the eggs like little people and he kept on telling them what to do and to behave as well. So fun!

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Lori said...

Such a fun thing to do!! I always buy an extra coloring kit or two when they go on sale so I can have colored eggs all year :)