Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bringing "Spring" indoors

I have Spring Fever and I have been absolutely CRAVING some lush green grass, but since Mother Nature still keeps bringing snow, I had to take matters into my own hands.

Saturday, April 16: Purchased water gems from The Market and some wheat seed.

These are the water gems before being hydrated. I used only a half of tablespoon of gems and soaked for 8 hours and WOW!
I ended up with a giant kettle of water gems,

which resemble ice cubes and are very squishy (like Jello). Luckily I was able to share some of the excess with my bestie, but next time, I'm only using a teaspoon of those guys!

I also soaked the wheat seeds about 4 hours to help them germinate faster.

Next I piled the water gems on a glass plate and covered them with wheat seed and then began the waiting process. Every time I walked by, I was checking for signs of growth.

Day 1: Sunday, April 17.... I could see tiny little white sprouts poking out of the seeds within 24 hours. Can you see them?
Day 2: Monday, April 18... some teeny-tiny green is showing now. By now, I am cheering and pointing out to my family members in excitement that my seeds are sprouted {about 15 times a day}!! I know they are thinking (and you are too) that I am completely deranged. Did I mention that I have spring fever?
Day 3: Tuesday, April 19... within 72 hours, I am definitely seeing more snippets of green.

Day 4: Wednesday, April 20... so impressed... looks like Spring growing out of ice. Take that Mother Nature! Booyah!

Day 5: Thursday, April 21st - We have GRASS! It is looking good and I am feeling Springy. Is it time to get the lawn mower out? I am just loving my little mini-lawn. I bet the Easter bunny will try to hid an egg or two because I expect it to be TALL by Sunday.
Or maybe a little peep will make it a nest.

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Kathy said...

This is my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE story yet. Love that you took matters into your own hands, I had no idea about water gems...LOVE the chick!

Truly my favorite blog yet.