Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebrating Steve

I think the girls and I did a great job surprising Steve for his birthday this year (March 27th). He isn't very easy to surprise... and he isn't very easy to even get presents for... but this year we scored!

One of the things that makes getting gifts for Steve is that he never, ever, says that he "wants" something for his birthday, or for Christmas or for any day. OK, maybe never is a little strong, but it seriously rarely happens. And because of that, it is hard to know if you are choosing the right thing for him as a gift. I always have doubts... will he like it? Will it be a home-run-kind-of-a-gift?

This time, I had scored some insider information from my brother, Russ. He told me that Steve was really checking out a Harley coat and had even tried it on, but didn't buy it about 4 weeks ago when they were out at a Gun show together in Grand Forks. I asked Russ to go ahead and buy it and keep it at his house so I could give it to Steve for his birthday. Winning! I knew I had a home run gift this time!
Steve had no idea what was in the box. I loved watching his facial expression change when he figured out what his present was. And he makes that leather jacket look GOOD!

The girls wanted to give their dad gifts that he would love as well. After the success with the giant chocolate chip heart for Valentine's day, I suggested they each bake him something.

Kippy decided to make lemon bars, which is one of her dad's favorites. She squeezed the lemons and mixed up the filling herself. Abby helped out with the crust. And it was all a surprise, because we did the baking while Steve was gone for a Sportsman banquet the night before his birthday.
We fancied the bars up with some extra powdered sugar, wedges of lime and a candle. The Lemon bars were delicious and definitely loved and appreciated by her dad.

Abby wanted to combine her dad's love of chocolate chip bars with brownies and found a recipe for Brownie/Cookie bars. Steve came home in the middle of the assembly, but as soon as we told him it was a surprise, he didn't ask any questions and stayed away from the kitchen.

The layered bars were fabulous, especially with the extra chocolate drizzled on top and another candle to blow out. It is true, the secret to Steve's heart is definitely with his favorite desserts (and his girls). Happy birthday to my wonderful Husband and the best Dad in the world!


the mom~ said...

Happy, happy birthday Steve!!!

Kathy said...

I got all choked up ready your "celebrating Steve" story. How wonderful.

Your pictures are so

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy!! I love that his girls are the co-presidents of his fan club. That really says a lot about him. I love the jacket. Super cool!!