Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another conversation with Kippy

A couple of weeks ago, Kippy and I were going to Target together.

From the backseat, Kippy said, "Hey mom, you know how you said that you like to walk on the spicy side of town?"

I frowned and tried wracking my brain to figure out what the heck she was talking about.

Kippy kept right on talking, "Now all of us like to eat Medium salsa instead of Mild."

Then it clicked... and I replied, "Remember, Kip, I said I like to walk on the spicy side of life, not the spicy side of town."

Kippy replied, "Yup, now all of us like spicy food!"

That kid cracks me up... I am now wondering what Kippy's teacher would think if she shared with her class that her mom now walks on the spicy side of town???


Lori said...

You are two wild and spicy girls for sure!!

Kathy said...

That was definitely a write it down kind of conversation. Cute!